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FREE no license, no fee, no ads, no strings, free


Making sites for a living, we know how useful premade code packages are. Drop them in your site, and get back to chatting it up at the water cooler. Oh right, you work from home, enjoy your Veronica Mars marathon.


Just drop a package on your server, run the sql query to add some tables, set a few config variables, and then add-to or customize it however you want. No ownership issues, open source and free.


When the boss sees such amazing productivity and gives you that raise, remember us in your prayers. We don't take donations, we don't beg for a little something. No tips jar. We just share.

current offerings


This site is a placeholder for the code we are currently working on. You will not find any downloads at this time.



Task Manage

Add people, add tasks, create task template sets. more...



List checkoff

Narrow down an SRS, SOW, or other web design promise document into a clearly defined check-off list. more...



Sales Contacts

Store sales contacts, view calendar, manage follow up schedule. more...



Sign Preview

Allow your customer to upload their art and preview it on signage. Admin and customer login levels. more...


Say you take a chunk of our code and tune it up for your project. You like it so much you want to sell it as your own. Fine. However, legally, we made the original basic starting package that you used, and therefore, you cannot own the code in such a way as to legally stop us from offering the original. Get it? Make money off it all you want, however we own and can legally keep offering for free our original code package. That's fair. We'll never take any code package on this site and turn around and make people pay for it. Also, if you create a login or two in order to test out the functionality of the code on this site, cool, that's why we offer you that ability. Test it for a few months, show it to others...then download it and install it on your own server — we do not promise to allow your company permanent login access on this site. You can create a login on this site in order to test the code out, not to use it permanently for your business. All logins not created by us will expire six months from their creation, unless you contact us and make some other oddball arrangement for some oddball reason. In summary, download the code.


Programming for many years has meant re-creating the same modules over and over and over for various clients. Partly because coding preferences and languages change and upgrade over the years, and partly because as our skills grew, we wanted to make things new and better, so we'd scrap the old and make the same basic module all over again. This site archives, even for ourselves, our latest and best achievements with certain key site modules.

We just put this site up this week and actually have NOTHING to offer, we're re-building all our modules, and trying out some new fangled things. Once we post code packages, download them, tear them apart, build on them, make them better for yourself. We are programming in PHP5 and MySQL at this time, but you may find some modules in ColdFusion as well, because it's just so darn fun. Also, JQuery, Javascript, and CSS.


Because we often begin to use a module while a site is still in development, perhaps before a server is even set up, we often begin by building the module HERE, log in to it here, use it here, and then invariably export it and install it on the server we are working with. You also can create a login and play with the packages here, but only for testing to see if you want to download... we do not offer free company logins indefinitely.

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A Task Manager created by a web developer. We always need them, we always want to create a better one. This is probably iteration 7 of our own.



Office clerk takes your SRS, writes out short descriptions in Excel, plans to test site and check off one by one all of the items. ThingamaList is way better.



Sales guys in new office stepping on each others' toes? Calling the same contacts? Lets get those calling lists out of Excel, Access and Outlook!



Upload images, view each image with a certain background, mark desired finished images, even schedule them. Many unique applications for this one.

Our Happy Coders

We love using free code, so we decided to Give Back! & we hope you like it.


Shleppy The Monkey started coding for income as a stay at home dad. His first language dabbling was in "Basic" in 1984. It sucked, but he was hooked.


Bill The Moose has been a coder since the dawn of coding. He doesn't talk much but man those moose hooves can fly over a keyboard!


Cracky The Pterodactyl wonders why she has to write her own crappy description. Oh yeah, we're too cheap to hire real writers. Cracky Rules!!


Blud The Guard Pup doesn't do anything at all. He's our freeloafer. Well, he does belch a lot. We'll call him Belchy.